About Sweeds

As you might have already guessed, the name Sweeds refers to the country from which our company originates: Sweden. We are sure that Sweden is the place, par excellence, to spend your holiday and it feels like our responsibility to introduce this beautiful country and all its treasures to the rest of the world. Therefore we offer various appealing holiday houses, each displaying their own interesting features. Even an uninhabited island is one of the possibilities.


Our service

Because Sweeds is situated in a specific area of Sweden, we have been able to find out everything there is to know about this area. Therefore we can provide you with all the information you want and need, before or during your holiday. Our office in Holland is more than willing to inform you about all the possibilities. Our entire Dutch staff speaks English (just in case you don’t speak Swedish yet) and some also speak Swedish. Not only do we arrange reservations for you, but we also want to offer you maximum comfort during your stay. That means that we inspect the houses itself on cleanliness, that we can take care of the bedding and that you can always contact us about any deficiencies. Full service similar to a hotel and as you would expect. 


Aside from the wide range of possible holiday houses, Sweeds also offers a range of organized activities. We collaborate with the local tourist office and can tell you what to do and where to go in the area. We know the most beautiful hiking, boating and cycling routes and on which uninhabited island you can eat a tasty (self-caught) fish. The Sweeds reception also can help you with rental of boats and bicycles and with booking boat trips and/or water sports activities. 


Theme and group travel

Particularly interesting for family get togethers, groups of friends or even teambuilding trips for your employees, Sweeds also presents organized trips, such as golf-, sail-, wakeboard- or fishing trips, varying from long weekends to several weeks. Sweeds makes sure everything is well arranged, including transport, if necessary.

Invest in holiday homes in Sweden

If you're already convinced of the possibilities of Sweden as a holiday destination and you are interested in investment opportunities with respect to holiday homes? We can advise you about the possibilities and provide you with information on buying your own holiday home. We know what is for sale in the area and we can assist you during and after purchase. Of course we can also help you with the management of the property and the possible rental of your holiday home.

Sweden, the land of endless space, thousands of lakes, vast forests and spectacular coastline. But besides the overwhelming nature a country with an impressive history and rich culture. A country where freedom and hospitality are highly valued, and the possibilities are unlimited. Together with our service and rental, these are the ingredients for a great holiday!

Why visit Sweden

Sweeds mainly has its focus on the south of Sweden; Småland to be exact. Even more precise: in and around the Norra Tjust Archipelago, in the congregation Västervik, near the Baltic Sea. The combination of forests, lakes and traditional farmhouses and approximately five thousand islands, most of which are nature reserve, makes this a versatile scenery. Not surprisingly this area is also very popular among the Swedish people themselves.

Where in Sweden