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The Loftahammar is a port in the well-known area of Småland on the south east coast of Sweden. The town is situated in a bay in the middle of the exceptionally beautiful Norra Tjust archipelago, with all its rocks and thousands of islands. Loftahammar is part of the municipality Västervik. Although only 432 people officially live in Loftahammar, it has acquired a prominent place in the wide surroundings of Småland, having its own harbour, golf course, spa, supermarket, bakery, ferry service through the archipelago, tourist info and 3 restaurants.

Loftahammar consist of many small hamlets and officially covers a large part of the Tjust archipelago, from Södra Malmö till Flatvarp. Nobody knows how many summerhouses there are, but it is a fact that Loftahammar has more holiday houses than normal occupied houses. During summer the population of Loftahammar rises significantly. Especially residents of Linköping (7th city of Sweden, in terms of population) live here throughout much of the summer, but also every long weekend they visit their ‘stuga’s’ in Loftahammar. Also residents of Norrköping, Stockholm and more and more ‘foreigners’, mainly from the Netherlands and Germany, know how to find Loftahammar. 


History of Loftahammar
Since 1609 Loftahammar is known as a (church)parish, a branch of the parish of Lofta a hamlet just inland towards Gamleby. Therefore, Loftahammar is a composition of Lofta and ärhammar, which means ‘stony slope’.


As early as 1700 it was known that at Källvik, a bay just outside the entrance of the Loftahammar bay towards the Baltic Sea, there is an iron-containing source with medicinal properties. As off 1872 it is commercially exploited as Källvik Brunn, a seaside spa resort with hotel.


Loftahammar has been mainly an agricultural area with some nice Herresäten (manor houses) that are still worth a visit. The fishing industry also was a big part of the population’s source of income. Nowadays the cinnamon buns factory is Loftahammar’s main employer. In 1983, in order to further strengthen the economy, the bridge over the Bjursund was finally built. With this bridge a faster connection was realized from the E22 to Loftahammar. The height of the bridge ensures a great view over the beautiful Norra Tjust Archipelago.


Sights and activities
The white church is part of the center of the village and dates back to 1760. Between 1998 and 2000 the old organ, built by Lars Wahlberg, was restored.


The local museum of Loftahammar is situated in Aleglo, an ancient hamlet on a hill. The museum is located in one of the two mills of Aleglo. The Dutch mill itself is an attraction and the museum holds a collection of old (user) objects and pictures. And it has changing exhibits in the old barn next to the mill.


The old hotel was unfortunately destroyed by fire but there are still many beautiful old cottages in Källvik, built by the elite form the big cities. Over the years, many other holiday houses were built around the bay of Källvik. From the center of Loftahammar there is a walking path through Aleglo to Källvik.


There are beautiful trails you can follow by car or by bike (rental bikes are available in the village at the Sweeds reception). Past farms, meadows and forests, further and further in the archipelago, across bridges to the islands of Lila and Stora Askö to the port of Flatvarp. There you can enjoy serenity, a panoramic view and a rich birdlife.


Many so-called Herrestäten (country houses) can be found in the Norra Tjust archipelago. Bjursund, Hellerö, Troserum en Åkerholm are four country houses in the area of Loftahammar, and these houses are still in very good shape. On the Åkerholm estate a few cottages can be rented.


There are many ways to explore the archipelago by boat. There is a possibility to rent a boat and sail it yourself. There is a boat taxi transport on demand, but to explore the islands Rågö, Björkö and Hasselö you can also use the ferry services offered in Loftahammar. Various islands have restaurants that serve delicious (daily fresh caught) dishes.


In and around Loftahammar there are many hiking and cycling trails. Unpaved trails through meadows, forest and nature reserves, for the adventurous mountain biker and hiker. Ask for roadmaps at the Sweeds reception.


There is a, very well cared for, full 9-hole golf course on the outskirts of Loftahammar. Popularly called the ‘St-Andrews of Småland’.


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