Additional products

Below you'll find a selection of extras/additional products to make your holiday an unforgettable stay. For more information about our additional products, please contact us. 



 General options



Bedding and towels

A set of bed linen and 2 towels.

Price: € 18,- per set per stay




Extra towels

A set with a large and a small towel.

Price: € 6,- per set per stay


Kitchen package

A kitchen starter package consists of a kitchen towel, tea towel, dishwashing brush, wipes and scourer.

Price: € 6,- per set per stay


 Baby and toddler items



The cot is ready in your apartment upon arrival. Including a mattress, excl. bed linen. 

Price: € 7,50 per set per stay



We ensure that the chair is waiting for you on arrival at the apartment.

Price: € 6,- per set per stay


 Boat rentals


Boot 15hp

We rent open motorboats for up to 5 persons with 15hp engines. All our boats are equipped with GPS, Fish Finder, a chart and anchor.

Price: € 388,- per boat per 6 days Reserve now >




Man/woman cycle

All cycles have 7 gears, steel rack (suitable for child), steel luggage basket on the front and front and rear lights. 

Price: € 55,- per cycle per week Reserve now >


MTB cyle

The mountainbikes have size 26" are equipped with 24 gears, springs in the fork and V-break or disc break.

Price: € 65,- per cycle per week Reserve now >


Childs cycle

We have children's bicyles in different sizes with 7 to 21 gears.

Price: € 35,- per cycle per week Reserve now >


Child seat

We have child seats for the back of a man/woman bicycle.

Price: € 7,50- per seat per week Reserve now >


Bike stroller

The bike stroller will be mounted on the back of the bike.

Price: € 15,00- per stroller per week Reserve now >