It is not that hard to catch fish in the waters of the Tjust Archipelago: it contains plenty of pike, perch and sea trout. You could even catch a big salmon! You can fish on your own (don’t forget your fishing license) or make a guided fish tour. 

Fishing for pike is very popular in the Tjust Archipelago. The pike fishing season in Sweden starts, depending on the water temperature, around mid April and ends in October. In spring and autumn you can catch pikes in shallow water; in Summer you can only find them in deep water. Despite of the fact that the lakes contain a lot of pike you must really try as hard as you can to catch one. We recommend beginners to join a guided tour in order to learn the tricks of the trade and to discover where you can find pikes. Book your guiding on

Fishing rules in the archipelago
Please take some time to read the following fishing rules in this area. Click on the link below to open a brochure with the most important rules.


Fishing rules.

Boat rental
We rent out open aluminum motorboats with a length of 4 x 1,8m, with 15 hp motors. All boats have GPS and FishFinder. Check boat rental prices.

The Baltic sea
Roughly, the Baltic Sea is situated between Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Denmark and the Baltic States. The Baltic Sea used to be a lake. About 10.000 years ago, when the glaciers melted, the Baltic Sea, Europe’s only inland sea, arose. The Baltic Sea has more brackish water (contains more salt) compared tot the North Sea and has a smaller tidal range.

"The Tjust Archipelago is a great fishing area and the ideal place for a fishing holiday"