City trips

Loftahammer offers wonderful nature; the inhabitants of this village are true outdoor people. Nature, however, also seems to influence city life. Swedish cities are spacious, colorful and clean. Fashion, design and art like glasriket (glassblowing) are heavily represented in many boutiques and ateliers. Below, you will find some information concerning a couple of cities in the surrounding area of Loftahammar. 


The port Västervik is situated 50 km to the south of Loftahammar. The city is, amongst others, known for the yacht construction industry. It has atmospheric shopping streets and terraces at the water. On the website you will find all kinds of information concerning activities and culture the city offers. 


Söderköping is situated 80 km to the north of Loftahammar. The Gota canal flows from this city in the Baltic Sea. In Summer many boats fill the harbour. You will find more information on:



Linköping (95km) is a wonderful city with a perfect size: it’s large enough to offer anything you need and it’s small enough to find it nearby! You will find more information on:


You can make a trip to this capital city (250 km). This city is definitely worth a visit! For more information, please check:

"Swedish cities are spacious, colorful and clean. Definitely worth a visit!"