Amusement parks

Kolmården djurpark

The Kolmården Wildlife Zoo opened in 1965 and has grown into the largest Zoo of Northern Europe. The Zoo presents a large tiger house, elephants, gorillas, antelopes and much more. It has a 'Marine World' and a Dolphinarium with a popular, daily show. You can ride through the safari park with your own car. Since 1998 the park contains an attraction (Bamses Värld) devoted to the famous Swedish comic character Bamse. 

Kolmårdens Djurpark is definitely worth a visit! Check for more information.



Astrid Lindgrensvärld and Pipi Longstocking

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a theatre and theme park where visitors can experience characters from Astrid Lindgren’s books in their true settings. Everyone can meet the characters, they perform scenes from the books and improvise situations involving the children in the park. 

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Moose park Virum

Virum Moosepark opend in the spring of 2008. Visitors will be able to experience moose and deer in their natural habitat. In beautiful surroundings, you can get close to the animals, observe their behaviour and be fascinated by their special beauty.


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Nils Holgerssons värld

Nils Holgerssons värld is a culture, activity and adventure multi park. Worth a visit and fun for the whole family.


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Spend a day in Busfabriken, an indoor playground. Busfabriken is situated in Nörrkoping and Linköping. It is a true paradise for children.


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"On a safari trip through the largest zoo in northern Europe"