Why visit Sweden

Sweden, a holiday destination par excellence!

Sweden, the land of endless space, thousands of lakes, vast forests and spectacular coastline. But besides the overwhelming nature a country with an impressive history and rich culture. A country where freedom and hospitality are highly valued, and the possibilities are unlimited. Together with our service and rental, these are the ingredients for a great holiday!


Sunny Sweden?!

Let’s start with getting rid of a few preconceived opinions some people might have about Sweden. Sweden is not as expensive as you might think and it is also not as cold as you might think, not in summer anyway! Because of the long days and the specific climate, the hours that the sun shines in Sweden are significant. Also Sweden has relatively few days of rain. Moreover, Sweden still has four real seasons, which also makes a visit outside of summer something to consider.


Nature, culture and history

To summarize some more advantages of Sweden: untainted nature, endless (water) sports activities, hospitable Swedish people, delightful Swedish cuisine, rich history, modern comforts, etc. People who know Sweden can only confirm this and people who are not yet familiar with the Swedish country will definitely be surprised.


Sweden can be reached easily by plane or by car. No overcrowded turnpike roads, yet lots of opportunities to easily complete a large part of your trip by car or by boat. Especially flying is a profitable option because of the low airfares that some airlines have to offer, for example Ryanair.

The Småland region

Because Sweden stretches out in over 1572 kilometres in the direction north-south, its countryside is unusually varied. Fantastic road trips can be made through all the different landscapes, traditional villages and modern cities. Because of the size of this country it is impossible to see everything in just a few weeks in order to find the perfect place for yourself. That is why Sweeds has explored all the options for you and has found an area in Sweden where all qualities of Sweden come together: the Småland region; Västervik in particular.


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